Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Corgis

   Yesterday, I posted a photo of my two Corgis asking for donations to my TNT campaign:

Because who can resist a corgi?

   Sure - they look all cute and what not in this photo, but for most of the shoot - Toby (the Cardi on the left) looked like this:

So pathetic. He wants a belly rub.

And Henry (the Pem on the right) looked like this:

What's up with the sign, Dad? I can't read!!

We finally got them to sit...though not together.  And Henry kept trying to run away, stepping on his sign every time.

Toby isn't too sure about this...

When we finally got them together - Toby was the ideal model.  Henry...well - not so much.

Henry - look up!

No - look over here!!  

And then this happened.

Of course - I finally get "the shot" and the signs are blurry.


How I do love those dogs though.  :-)  And they still want you to donate to my TNT campaign.  $10 is all they are asking for!  Won't you donate $10 to help fight blood cancer?  Don't make the Corgis sad - donate today!!  THANK YOU!


  1. Love the Corgis and have shared your post to the Daily Corgi facebook page. Corgi On!

    Laurie Eno
    Founder & Publisher
    The Daily Corgi