Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again...and TNT Week 7 Update!

   So I've finally gotten off my butt gotten motivated and started doing something athletic other than running. Before last week, I had only been to the pool twice since Augusta and had only been on my bike once. Very sad, but it's been too cold to ride. I know, I know...I have a bike trainer. But ugh. Those aren't any fun at all. And honestly, I was just over the smell of chlorine. The thought of going to the pool didn't appeal to me at all.
  But - race season is right around the corner so I'm back on the bike and in the pool. The first time back in the pool was, well, interesting. First off, it'd been way too long since I'd been in a bathing suit. I forgot how unflattering they are. Plus, I'm so amazing pale that I almost glow. But, the only way to look better in a bathing suit is to swim more. And so I did. And it hurt. Swimming isn't supposed to hurt. Ok - "hurt" might be a little too strong, but it was obvious that I hadn't been in the pool in way too long. But I didn't drown so I can't be too upset about it.
   Now the bike was another story. THAT was painful. FTP has been having bike training sessions since January, but I haven't been able to make one until Saturday. And while it felt good to be back on the bike - even on a trainer, I'm going to be feeling the results for a few days. I worked the Nashville Predators game (megatron crew) after the workout and really had a hard time climbing the stairs out of the arena. Not a lot of fun. But it's what I get for ignoring my bike for so long!
   Of course, I still had all of my running to do this week as well. It's been tough to hit all of my runs because of my schedule, but I got them all in. Some were on the treadmill, which I hate, but you gotta do what you gotta do. (Sidebar on running on the treadmill... WHY does the Y have to play sappy movies in the cardio cinema? They were playing "Mr. Holland's Opus" last week. REALLY? That movie makes me cry every time! Ugh. Have you ever run on a treadmill while trying not to cry? It's not a pretty sight.)
   I also made it to TNT training this week. It, again, was freezing. But the Mission Moment brought home why the Team is out there running every week. Zeke is a new runner who got into TNT in honor of his mother, who passed from leukemia, and his cousin, who is currently fighting it. I can't imagine having cancer hit one family so hard. Fortunately, his cousin is doing well.
   My fundraising has kind of stalled for the week. I'm still at $3,410 and 68%. However, I do have some outstanding checks and I won a few extra donations from Coach Casey from TNT from a group training run trivia game. FINALLY - my ability to retain useless knowledge has come in handy. Those donations will be reflected once they are added into my official total by LLS. But for now- the chart remains the same.
Next up - the New Orleans half-marathon. It's this weekend. I was really hoping for a sub-2:00 race, but I'm not sure that's going to happen now. Just too much work and not enough serious training. But I'm REALLY looking forward to the trip. There is a huge East Nasty group going down, plus - it's New Orleans. How can you not have fun in New Orleans? Can't wait!!  
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