Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Training During the Icepocalypse

    The past few weeks have been horrible weather-wise in Nashville. We got an ice storm the day after the expo (Thank You 8 pound, 6 ounce newborn Baby Jesus for sparing the expo from that ice storm. I would have lost my mind if it had hit Sunday!), and Nashville basically shut down for a week. Seriously. The schools all closed, stores ran out of food - it was chaos. My office actually closed for three days in one week, and then had shortened days the remaining days because of the weather. I have worked for my company for 18 years and that has never happened before. And to make it worse - I live in a very hilly and shady part of town. I think we were one of the last areas of town to finally melt (and no, our roads we never plowed or deiced). So, while parts of Nashville were able to get around, we were still iced in.
   Fortunately, my house didn't have get a roof leak from ice dams (it's a thing), and my car didn't end up in a ditch from hitting ice, so I could focus on worrying about important things, like how many workouts I was missing. Answer - a lot. I don't have a treadmill and driving to the Y to run / swim would have just been stupid. With the exception of my husband driving me to work on Wednesday and Thursday, I was stuck in the house all week with only my bike trainer for exercise. And you know what? The trainer gets OLD really fast. My coach told all of us to use this week as a recovery week - which would have been fine except I was sick the week prior and used THAT week as a recovery week. One week of recovery is great. Two weeks makes me feel like a slacker. It was if I could actually feel the fitness leave my body. (Granted, the week of eating comfort food didn't exactly help either.)
   So, you can imagine how happy I was when the weather finally broke and I was able to get a week of good workouts in. Training Peaks was finally green! Hazzah! But my euphoria was short-lived because guess what we're getting this week? More snow and ice! FANTASTIC! I'm SO looking forward to being trapped in my house for the remainder of the week!
   I'm totally buying a treadmill.

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