Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Triathlon Interrupted

My last post was a few days before the Mach Tenn Triathlon, which was to be my first tri of the season.  However, that didn't happen.  The night before the tri, I received a late-night call from my parents.  Lightning had struck their house and it was on fire.  At the time, my dad made it sound like they had a little kitchen fire, but in actuality, it was "catastrophic."  My parents are, thankfully, OK, but the due to fire, smoke and water damage, the house is pretty much a total loss.  So - rather than racing Mach Tenn that morning, I headed up to DC to help my parents deal with this situation.

This was my childhood bedroom...

Unfortunately, my travels also changed my training plan.  Well, actually it went from "Let's do this" to 10 days of nothing.  NOTHING!  Not that it really mattered at the time.  But I'm back now and am trying to make up for lost time.  And it hurts, I tell ya, it hurts.  Hopefully, between Coach Andrew and Coach Jessica (FTP Coaching) kicking my butt and my regular runs with East Nasty, I'll get back some sort of fitness soon.  

While I missed my race, my husband finished his first multi-event race this past weekend - the Du Run Run.  It's a 2-mile run / 10-mile bike / 2-mile run.  It was hot out here on Sunday, so I'm sure Dudley suffered a bit while he was out there, but I think he had fun.

Go Dudley Go!! 

Since my Mach Tenn was derailed, I signed up for the Old Hickory Tri this weekend.  This will be my first tri since Augusta.  It's a sprint, but it's open water.  As usual, I'm afraid I'll blow up on the run.   We'll just see how it goes!