Friday, March 23, 2012


Had my first post-Half run yesterday.  Wow - that was hard.  Only three miles, but my legs felt like lead.  I tried to do a few hill repeats just for kicks and they didn't go well AT ALL.  I thought I'd be recovered better by now.  Guess not.  Hopefully, I'll be OK when I join the East Nasty 11-mile training run on Sunday.  Should be interesting.

On a different note, I'm trying to pay more attention to my eating habits.  I'd love to drop about 10 pounds by the Country Music Half Marathon.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm not really "dieting," but trying to be more careful about snacking.  Anyway, this is a yummy recipe Dudley made last night.  Seems pretty lean. Check it out.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Been a While

   So, it's been a while since I've posted.  The good news is that it's been due to laziness in blogging rather than activity.  I've been BUSY.  While full tri training hasn't kicked in yet, I've been steadily training for half-marathons since January.  I even ran one - the Birmingham Half in February.  That will definitely go down as the COLDEST race I've done so far.  It was 20 degrees with a 13 degree wind chill at the start.
   A week later, I had the coldest training day ever.  This time it was around 30, but there was rain, which turned into snow, then turned back into rain.  It was a 12-mile training run, which was fine for the first six.  That's when the chills got to me and I just froze the the remainder of the run.  Not a whole lot of fun.
  But now, it's mid-March and it's warm, and the plants are blooming and it's LIGHT again for our night runs, which is fantastic.  I was getting sick of running in the dark all the time.
  Which brings me to today.  I'm currently sitting in my parent's kitchen in Northern Virginia.  Tomorrow is the Rock&Roll Nation's Capital USA Half Marathon.  This has been the race that I've trained for since January.  I'm physically ready... except for one thing.  My toe.
  I'm not sure what the heck happened because everything was fine for my six-mile run on Sunday.  No pain at all.  No pain on Monday (rest day) either.  Then Tuesday, the top of my foot started to hurt.  I figured it was the heels I was wearing.  We went for a 5.5 miler after work, and while it hurt, I was able to finish.  I figured it was just a one-day thing.
  But it wasn't.  It's now Friday and my foot still hurts.  I haven't been running in hopes that it would heal, and it has a bit.  I can walk, but I still feel "it."  I'm REALLY hoping it's not a stress fracture, though it has the symptoms of one (WebMD is not my friend).  My thought with this is that if it is a stress fracture, I'm out for six-weeks no matter what.  I may as well try to run the race tomorrow.  If it gets too painful, I'll pull out.  But I'm hoping I wake up tomorrow with no pain and ready to kick butt! I'm especially excited because my husband is running this with me tomorrow.  We haven't run a race together in about two years.  I hope I can do it!