Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018! Here we go!

   Yes, I've been slack on my writing recently. I would love to say that I've just been too busy (which is partially true) but I also just haven't had the desire. Post IMLOU, my spare time has been spent curled up with a dog (or two...or five) and knitting.  It's not only relaxing, but I also feel like I've accomplished something!  But as a result, my reading has SEVERELY suffered. I know I finished a few books in 2017 (A Gentleman in Moscow being the most recent), I'm no where near the 52 books in 52 weeks of past years. And I'm OK with that. I can only do so much, you know?
   Anyway, I want to update a few things for 2017, and then move on to what's going on in 2018. Let's start with races, since this is primarily a forum for swimming, biking and running. I did all of two races in 2017. Well, two that I remember anyway. I might have snuck in a 5k in there at some point.  Those kind of blur together after a while. Anyway, I primarily ran the Fargo Half Marathon and Ironman Louisville. Both were wonderful experiences overall, though IMLOU itself was really tough.

FARGO!  Loved this race!

IMLOU - The race that wanted to kill me...

   And here is my race map.  At some point, I'm going to focus on knocking out states again.  But I was able to cross two more off my 50 state list!

Only 32 more states to go!  

   Turning to my newest obsession, I knitted my butt off in 2017. Here are a few of my creations from the past year:

Dad's Christmas present.  The grey is lighter than it looks here.  It's really pretty.

Mom's Christmas present. My first pillow!  (And yes, I know the photo is to the side, but I can't rotate  it. Plus, it doesn't really matter anyway. The pillow is square!

Nancy's Blanket. This was a Christmas gift for my Mother-In-Law. 
I was VERY busy over for the Holidays.

IMLOU hat. I made FIVE of these for my training group. I'm so stinking proud of these!

   I could go on, as I finished several more projects, including two baby blankets, a baby hat, a cowl, and a scarf for Dudley. I really need to learn how to take better photos of these things. New goal for 2018! Learn how to take better iPhone photos!
   That about wraps up my 2017. I did some traveling (and saw HAMILTON!!), but Ironman training pretty much takes up your life, so my activities were primarily limited to training and knitting. Geez- I'm boring! However, since my 2017 was kind of sheltered, I'm stepping out in 2018 and am challenging myself to do something out of the box every month. (I was going to do this once a week, but come on, who am I kidding? Once a month will be plenty.) I'm not sure what all of the activities are yet, but they have to be 1) something that requires me to leave my house, and 2) something unique or make me step out of my comfort zone. This could be something like going to a CLIMB class (which is definitely on the list), or going a new ethnic restaurant and try something I usually wouldn't eat.  Just be more adventurous, in general.  I'd love suggestions, if anyone has any!!     
   Other 2018 Goals: Knit a sweater, learn to sew, complete Chattanooga 70.3 smiling, cross off at least 3 more states from my 50 state list, visit another country and (maybe) qualify for triathlon Olympic Nationals. That last one depends on how bad my work schedule is. Oh - and to complete the FLYING MONKEY MARATHON! Boom- I'm putting that one in writing, so I don't wuss out on it later on.
   Have you made any goals for 2018? What are they?