Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wayne's World - Wayne's World!

   I'm almost three weeks out from my Ironman, and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. The first few days after the race, I felt GREAT. Well, I was a little sore, but I had a lot of energy. Then the weekend hit, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Like "getting back in to my pajamas at 3:00 to nap and not getting back up until morning" kind of sleep. I was pretty tired for about four or five days when, finally, the lethargy lifted, and I'm pretty much back to normal now.
   While I have done a few light workouts since my race, for the most part, I've been taking it really easy. I've run a few times, and have been to the pool, but only for short distances. I still haven't made it on my bike yet, though I'm hoping to this weekend. I feel like a complete slacker, but I know my body is still in recovery mode, so I'm trying to not be too hard on myself. One funny note - I was packing up to go to the pool, and Dudley saw my swim bag. Knowing I'm not one to just go swim for the fun of it, he immediately asked, "Did you sign up for something and not tell me?" I seriously think he thought I signed up for another Ironman and just didn't tell him. Umm, no. Though I have heard of people doing that.
   I did do one out-of-the-ordinary thing last week - I was on TV. One of my FTP teammates has a cable-access TV show, and she interviewed several of us FTPers for it. The first segment featured me and Kathy. We spoke about triathlon and our recent Ironmans (Kathy did Ironman Coeur d'Alene in June). Totally felt like I was on Wayne's World (Sidebar: Wayne's World came out in 1992!! Holy Cow! I'm so old!).
   The second segment featured Belinda and Deanna, which was really interesting. Belinda has been racing over 30 years(!), and Deanna over 11. That's a lot of racing! Did you know that before timing chips, you wrote your finish time down on an index card and filed it in a box? Every discipline was manually written down. That's mind-boggling considering all we do now is strap a chip to our ankle, and we get our exact times down to the second.
   The whole TV taping experience was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed spending my evening with these ladies. I don't really remember anything I said, though. I hope I don't look too foolish. The shows start showing today in Nashville at random times. If I can get a link, and I don't look too silly, I'll post it.

Far view of the set.

A closer in.

Kathy, Deanna, me (and The Weapon), Belinda and Becky (the host). 
Bunch of bad-ass ladies, right there!  

   This weekend, I have my first race since IMCHOO. Dudley and I are doing the Wounded Warrior 8k in Franklin. I'm placing bets on how many times I cry. If you all are in town, and aren't doing anything on Saturday, you should come down. 
   See you on the roads! 

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