Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day!! Charity Miles and Discounts!

   Today, June 4th, is National Running Day! Since it's Wednesday, also known as Sacred East Nasty Wednesday, I would usually be joining my group down at 11th and Holly for a little run this evening. However, this is the week of the CMA Music Fest, still known to locals as Fan Fair. Every year this event brings tourists to Nashville by the thousands...and they all converge downtown...which is what I have to drive through to get to my beloved running club. So, for as much as I love my group, I'll be skipping EN tonight and running a little more close to home.
   However, one thing I WILL be doing today is logging my miles through Charity Miles. You all should check it out, too. Let's make some money for charities by doing what we love - running! This service is new to me, but from what I understand, you download the Charity Miles app, choose the charity that you wish to support, and a donation will be made for every mile you complete ($.25 per mile for runners). I generally don't run with my phone, but I'll need to in order for my miles to be logged. I hope they're working on a way to upload Garmin information to Charity Miles, because this is a great idea and I'd use it all of the time if my Garmin was connected. I'd be able to log some serious miles for charity with all of the IM training I have coming up!
   Another cool thing about National Running Day, is that some races offer discounts on entry fees. The main discounts I've been able to find this year are for the races put on by the Competitor Group:
Rock & Roll Marathon Series: Save up to 24% on various races in the Rock & Roll Series  - click here for more information.
Women's Running Race Series: Save up to 20% on races in Nashville, Scottsdale and St. Pete - click here for more information.
TriRock Series: Save up to 15% on various races - click here for more information.
   There might be some other races that pop out a surprise discount for National Running Day, so you might want to follow your favorites on Twitter or Facebook.
   And while this isn't a discount, it might interest some East Nashvillians out there -the Nashville Running Company is having a party tonight form 6-8 to celebrate National Running Day.  They'll have live music and prizes.  Great store run by some great people.  1105 Woodland Street
   See you all on the roads!  Happy Training!  


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