Monday, September 22, 2014

Race Week!

   It's here. Finally. Race week. Is it possible to be excited and terrified at the same time? Because that's how I'm feeling.  Excited, terrified and a little tired.
   Right now, I'm in "list" mode. I'm a huge believer in lists - I love writing something down and then crossing it off when it's been accomplished. I'm currently writing everything down that I might possibly need for IMCHOO. My friend (and Ironman veteran) Marne, was kind enough so share her IM checklist with me, so I have a good reference to make sure I don't forget anything. I've basically taken over the dining room table and made it "Ironman Central." Anything that I might possibly need, I put on the table.
   You know, I just realized as I'm writing this - I put my Infinit nutrition on the table. I really hope that it doesn't have any kind of smell because, if it does, my crazy doxie WILL jump on the table and try to eat it. Wouldn't that be something? To have a dog eat my custom-ordered nutrition a few days before the race? Sigh - I need to call my husband and ask him to move that.
   Anyway, you can probably see where my mind is right now - pretty much all over the place. I actually NEED for this race to be over so I can get some of my sanity back. I do think I have all of the major things covered though: The hotel is confirmed, I got my bike checked out, and I'm having my pre-race massage tomorrow. I even went out and bought IMCHOO colored nail polish so I can totally represent on race day. Hey- it's the little things that make it fun.
   And speaking of fun - look at the amazing bib number my friend Duane made for me! He rocks.

Single digits now, y'all - 6 days!!!

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