Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Almost Go Time

   Well, it's Friday. The race is Sunday. I'm all checked in and have spent way too much money on IMCHOO swag to back out now. I even painted my nails, so I HAVE to race.
IMCHOO colors!!

   Right now, I'm feeling OK, but I'm getting more anxious as time passes. I'm mainly worried about the weather. It looks more and more like rain throughout the day on Sunday, and that's really disturbing for me. Not that I have a fear of getting wet - no, I don't care about that. But rain on the bike makes things exponentially more dangerous for everyone; you're more likely to flat and road paint is slick, which makes it easier to fall. Plus, I have a set of carbon racing wheels that don't work well in the rain. And by "don't work well," I mean - I don't stop. I might slow a bit, but there are some hills on this course and I'm really going to need my brakes. Though I've swapped out my brake pads to some that are supposed to work better, I'm still terrified that I'll crest a hill and start a decent and not be able to stop. Seriously. Terrified. Of course, no one else seems to have this fear. I've been asking people who run full-carbon wheels what they use for brake pads and the reaction has been mixed. Some think my new brake pads (made of cork) should work fine. Some think the brand I used to have are better. I KNOW my old pads didn't work in rain, so I'm sticking with the cork. But I don't feel great about it. Which sucks because the bike is my strength. If it rains, it's taking the best part of the race away from me. I'll have to ride A LOT slower than my normal pace, and that's really upsetting.
   But, what can I do? Not race? I guess I'll just have to make the best of it and hope the rain isn't too bad. If anyone knows an anti-rain dance, please break it our for me on Sunday!
   Two days!

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