Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Many Races, So Little Time..and Money

  So the end of 2012 is near. If you're anything like me, you've already started planning your race calendar for 2013. Though I've only officially signed up for one half-marathon so far (Rock 'N Roll New Orleans), I have several that I want to do. OK, there are A LOT I want to do. And that's where the problem lies. Between training, logistics and expenses, I can't possibly race them all. Not to mention, I'd probably seriously injure myself if I raced everything I wanted to. Anyway, here is a partial list of some of the races I'm thinking of doing this year.

Potential Races:
 - Virginia is for Lovers 14k (Virginia Beach / February 9) - This Valentine's Day themed race is put on by J&A Racing, who also put on the Shamrock Half Marathon I did a few years ago. For those who didn't grow up in Virginia like I did, "Virginia is for Lovers," is the tourism slogan of the state. Why do I want to do this race? It just looks cute. Plus, how many races offer a 14k? And you get a medal shaped like Virginia!

This makes me homesick.

Austin Half Marathon (Austin, TX / February 17) - This race is sponsored by LiveStrong. I'm hoping that there is still a ton of support for this race even with the Lance Armstrong mess. Why do I want to do this race? I've been looking for an Austin race for a long time because this is where hubby is from. I think it would be cool to run through his old haunts with him. Plus, his family still lives there so we could visit them.

- Nike Women's Half Marathon (Washington DC /April 28) - This is the first Nike Women's race that is outside of San Francisco. This is what I'm hoping will be a collegiate runner girl reunion weekend with Debbie, Dana and Jenny. Kicker is that it's a lottery registration, so there is a chance that one, half, none or all of us will get in. Hopefully, it'll be all. Why do I want to do this race? Well, it's in my hometown so I can visit my parents. Plus instead of finisher's medals, the participants receive Tiffany necklaces presented by men in tuxedos! We find out this week if we get in. Fingers crossed!

- Flying Pig Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH / May 5) - This race seems to be popular for people in Nashville as Cincinnati is only five hours away. From what I've read, the support from the city is huge. A race with something for everyone, there is also a Full Marathon, a 4 person relay, a 10k, and a 5k. Why do I want to do this race? How could you NOT want to do a race called the "Flying Pig?" Plus, I like their logo and want a shirt with the flying pig.

The G is a curled pig tail!  Come on - that's cute!  

- REV3 Olympic Triathlon (Knoxville, TN / May 5) Unfortunately, this race is in direct conflict with the Flying Pig Half. Boo. Why do I want to do this race? I've never done a REV3 race and I really want to race one. I like that it's in Knoxville. Even though Dudley went to law school there, I didn't really get experience the city. And believe me, you get to really experience a city when you literally run through it. Plus, it's on the FTP Coaching calendar, so they will all be there.

 - Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon (Goody, KY / June 8) - Yes, there is a race dedicated to the infamous feud between "Devil Anse" Hatfield and "Old Ran'l" McCoy. Run by a decedent of the Hatfield family, the course runs through both West Virginia and Kentucky where the feud took place. Cute thing about this race - when you register, you are assigned to be either a Hatfield or a McCoy. The "family" with the overall lowest time "wins" the feud for the year. Why do I want to do this race?  EVERY race report I have ever seen about this race RAVES about how cool it is. Plus, this totally brings out the history geek in me.

- Beach 2 Battleship Half Iron Distance (Wilmington, NC / October 26) - Named by Triathlete magazine as one of the top five iron distance races in the world. Why do I want to do this race? Again, from speaking to past participants, this race seems awesome. Challenging, but not crazy hard. I like that the swim is in the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway, so it's in salt water, but not in ocean water. And, it seems like a bunch of friends are going to be traveling from Nashville for this race, so that would be fun. This would be an "A" race for me (as in I'd train specifically for this race and try to do well).

The finish is by the USS North Carolina.

- Rock 'N Roll Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV/ November 17) - Another "tour stop" in the "Rock 'N Roll" race series, this race runs through the Las Vegas Strip at night. Why do I want to do this race? Because this race runs through the Las Vegas Strip. At night. That's pretty cool.  

Don't you want to run through this?

Savannah Bridge Run (Savannah, GA / December ?) - A 10k and/or a 5k, this race is generally not a distance I would travel seven hours to run. But Savannah is on my travel list, so why not race while I'm there?  (The Savannah Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon is also in consideration.) Why do I want to do this race? Because I want to run over this three times: 

Yes, this looks fun to me.

Unfortunately, this race will most likely compete directly with the St. Jude Half Marathon, which I love.  

And there's more!! 
   I haven't even started on all of the great local races I want to do! I'll definitely do several of the Team Magic and Start2Finish races this year. Plus, I want to do Mach Tenn, which I couldn't do last year because of my parent's house fire.
   To make everything MORE confusing, it seems like every race company is giving an incentive discount today because it's 12/12/12. The Rock 'N Roll group is giving a $20 discount on any race and Team Magic triathlon is giving $12 off if you register today. Unfortunately, with the Holidays coming up, this isn't the best time for me to be signing up for a hundred races. Sigh.
   If anyone has any suggestions for other races, please let me know! 

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