Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Medal Recap

   First off - a huge kudos to Robbie Bruce and everyone who participated in / donated to the 26.4.26 run last Saturday. Over 1,000 runners participated and $30,000 was raised to help the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. Truly amazing.
   Now, on to the 2012 medal recap. I know medals don't mean a lot to some runners/triathletes. There are those hard-core racers who believe that you shouldn't receive a medal unless you win. Whatever. I think they're fun and a nice memento from the race. So here we go:

Mercedes Half Marathon - Birmingham, AL

   I liked this medal for it's simplicity. It's the Mercedes logo, after all. What else do you need? It also had a nice ribbon. I'm a fan of the nice ribbon. I mean, you pay anywhere from $75-$100 for a race, you should at least get a nice ribbon, right?

Rock 'n Roll USA 1/2 Marathon - Washington, D.C.

   This was kind of a cool medal. Being that it was in Washington, D.C., there was a patriotic theme, hence the bald eagle. The marathon, half-marathon and relay medals were all the same design, with different color schemes. Of the three, this was my least favorite, but NBD. Cheap ribbon though. Not a fan of that.

   One thing to say about the Rock 'n Roll series, they like to stick with the theme. Have a music theme? Why not have a record for a medal? It's not too exciting, but it's gold and shiny. Again - cheap ribbon. Same one as the USA 1/2 marathon, actually. Rock 'n Roll must get them in bulk.

Hustle for the House 5k - Nashville, TN

   This was the only medal I actually won. This was for first place in my age group in the 5k. Different colored ribbons denoted what place you were. Full disclosure - I'm on the board for this event so I had a voice in the decision of the medals. I like this one. It's cute and matches logo of the race and the theme of the Ronald McDonald House. 

ESI Ironman 70.3 - Augusta, GA

   Now this is a medal. It's heavy and has a really nice ribbon. It's a little too colorful for my taste, with the pink peaches and the purple ESI logo, and I don't really think the ribbon matches the rest of the medal. But at least you feel like you got something for your entry fee. And truthfully, by the end of a half-Ironman, you're so damn happy to get the medal you don't really care what it looks like.

MS 150 Ride to Jack & Back - Franklin, TN to Lynchburg, TN and back

   This medal wasn't for a race, but for a charity bike ride for MS. I've done this ride in the past and didn't receive a medal. I think it's a nice touch. Not really necessary because the ride is so cool, but a nice touch. It's really basic medal, but it's a charity ride so that's OK.

St. Jude Half Marathon - Memphis, TN

   This, of course, was my favorite race of the year, so I love this medal. It's big, the ribbon matches and that part in the middle of the medal rotates.  Enough said.

Bonus medal - Rock Encore:

   A few months back, I received a package in the mail with this medal in it.  Apparently, if you complete more than one Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathons in a year, you get a special medal. I ran two - D.C. and Nashville - and this is what I got. Again, this falls into the "not really necessary, but nice" category.   Nice blingy, shiny medal. Again with the cheap ribbon though. Rock 'n Roll has to get over that.
   2013 starts in a few days! Looking forward to another year of racing!

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