Monday, December 31, 2012

Just Because I'm a Big Geek...

   So 2012 is coming to an end tonight. It's been a good year for me race-wise, with a new PR in every distance ranging from 1 mile to Half-Ironman. And, mainly so I remember, here they are:
1 mile - 7:57
5k - 28:18
10k - 57:49
10 mile - 1:36:10
Half-Marathon - 2:09:34
Half-Ironman - 5:58:36
   And, because I'm a geek, I've started keeping track of where I've raced. I'm hoping to race at least a half-marathon in every state. Granted, my husband thinks this is the worst idea ever, so it might not happen. But I created a map anyway.

   You can't really read the text on the photo, but the light purple are states where I have raced a half marathon prior to 2012. The dark purple is a 2012 half marathon race state. And the green is a half-Ironman state prior to 2012. As you can see, I still have a ways to go. But, I need to add DC, because that was new in 2012, and I know I'll add Louisiana in 2013! Hopefully a few others as well!  :-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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