Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thoughts on the Tour - First Half

   The Tour de France is officially halfway over. Literally. The riders past the halfway mark during today's stage. Here are my random thoughts of the race so far:

The Yellow Jersey:
   The first week of the Tour was rough on the wearer of the Yellow Jersey. Two riders wearing yellow crashed out of the race. Poor Fabian. Poor Tony. I'm not sure who I felt worse for.  I was crushed for both of them.

Team Sky / Chris Froome: these guys look familiar to anyone? They just seem to be a little too good.  Which leads me to...

Beat Awkward Comment:  
   When Paul Sherwen compared Chris Froome's dominance of Stage 10 to Lance Armstrong. I would have loved to have seen the side-eye from Phil after this comment.

Nibili and Contador:
   Apparently, they need to eat more "tainted beef."

Tejay Van Garderen:
   Looking good. Hope he hangs on for the podium.

Peter Sagan:
   Badass. Is there ANYTHNG he can't do on a bike?

Don't mind me... I'm just gonna pop a wheelie across the line.

Laurens ten Dam:
   As usual, he's one of the toughest men in the peloton. Wrecks HARD, dislocates his shoulder, pops it back in and continues to finish the stage. Not as dramatic as crashing on his face a few years ago, but still impressive.

How painful does that look?

Thomas Voeckler: 
   Still has the best faces in the Tour.

Dude's tongue is out every climb. (Photo credit: Reuters)

Most Heartwarming Moment:
   When Eritrean Daniel Teklehaimanot won the King of the Mountains jersey. If you don't know who I'm taking about, look up his story.

   - Oh my God - if I see that Hannah and her Horse commercial one more time, I'm going to lose my mind. Seriously. They're just terrible.
   - The Volkswagen ads with the three older ladies who are hitting on the younger guys... What's up with these?  I'm not sure how these ads are supposed to inspire anyone to buy a car.
   - I don't drink Heineken, or beer actually, but Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong.

Looking forward to the second half!!

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