Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's Kristine Reading? November Edition

   This month's book was one that got a lot of buzz two decades ago (WOW - I'm old), but one that I never got around to reading. I purchased the book and everything (I used to purchase ALL of my books. Moving a few times helped rid me of that habit.), but just could never summon the energy to start reading it. Which is weird, because the topic is one that actually interested me. The book? "I Was Amelia Earhart" by Jane Mendelsohn. 

   It's a short book, only about 160 pages.  It tells a fantastical story of Amelia, and her navigator Fred Noonan, the days immediately prior and after their disappearance. The twist is that it is told from the perspective of Amelia and Fred. But I have to tell you - I didn't love it. It wasn't "bad." Not at all. Mendelsohn's writing is quite lovely, in fact. Almost like a poem. However, I think I was more in the mood for lighter reading at the time and I just couldn't get into lines like "The sky is flesh." The narration also jumps from first to third person really quickly and I didn't like that. It wasn't confusing, but more annoying (for me).
   Since I own the book, I'm tempted to keep it for a while and read it again in a year or two. Maybe I'll be able to appreciate it more when I have time to fully absorb the writing and themes of the book. But for now, it was just Ok.

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