Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Tribute to my Bad-Ass Friends

   Athletes find inspiration from different things. Training for a specific goal - whether it be a new distance or lower race time - is tough and really not that enjoyable while you're going through it. Especially when it's really cold, or too hot, or even perfect weather when you just want to do anything other than go train. Sometimes we need a little something to get our butts out the door to go for a run. And for me - that's where my friends come in.
   My friends are the reason why I get up early every Saturday morning to ride my bike trainer. My friends are why I run when it's so cold and sleety that my eyelashes freeze. And when I'm feeling tired and just don't want to go any further, my friends are the ones who push me to finish that extra mile.
   You might think I'm out there every day training with a big group of friends for every workout. And some days I am. But frequently, I'm out there slogging out the miles alone. However, I know I'm never truly alone. I know my friends are also out there, somewhere, hurting in the same way that I am. And that inspires me to push myself further and harder than I thought I could ever go.
   I'm especially inspired today because one of my favorite training partners achieved a long-held dream today and qualified for Boston. I know I've mentioned Kathy several times in the past. We're FTP teammates and were frequent training partners until I moved across town. Being that we were neighbors, we would ride to races together and just laugh the entire trip. Technically, we're competitors, as we're in the same age-group, but she's way faster than me and has beaten me in every race in which we've competed together. That would probably annoy me if it were anyone else, however, Kathy happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. She also works her ass off to achieve her goals. Which, in turn, makes me want to work my ass off to achieve my goals. Which hopefully, inspires you to work your ass off. Which, again, inspires me...  You get the idea.
   So, I'd like to take a moment to say Thank You to all of my Bad-Ass friends. I don't care if you're training for an Ironman or your first 5k. You're out there, pushing yourself everyday. I see you reach your goals, and you make me want to work harder to reach mine. Which makes all of the freezing runs and bikes rides in 100 degree weather worth it.

Me (left) and Kathy immediately after IMCHOO.  Friends are the best.