Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sick Pup

   I've been trying to write a post for two weeks about my trip to the US Masters Track Nationals. It was a really great experience and I loved watching my Dad race. Unfortunately, since we've been back, we've had a very sick dachshund at home and writing isn't a priority at the moment.
   It started with Hef being really picky with his food, and he was also moving really slowly. Originally, our vet thought Hef was in pain from a bad back (doxies traditionally have bad backs). But then he got really lethargic and was having a hard time keeping food down, so we went back to the vet. He had developed a fever and an elevated white blood cell count. The vet diagnosed him with an infection of some sort and also a liver issue, but nothing specific. He was put on antibiotics and rebounded for a few days, but took a few steps backwards yesterday when he stopped eating completely. So, back to the vet he went. The good news is that his fever was normal and his white blood cell count has lowered (YAY!), but his liver and pancreas numbers were still off (BOO). He's now on another antibiotic to help his liver, as well as continuing the one he is currently on. And let me tell you something. This dog HATES taking pills. It's amazing how strong and toothy a little dog can be when he doesn't want to take a pill.
   After a very long night of worry, we took Hef back to the vet today because he still wasn't eating and just wasn't doing well. The vet gave him some fluids and also a shot to help with nausea, because he thinks that's why Hef isn't eating - he's nauseated. And you know what? It worked! He ate tonight! Not a lot, he's actually showing interest in food and that's a VERY good sign. He also started following me around the house a little, which is what he does when he's healthy. He's slow, but he's walking and I'm thrilled about that.
   We're hoping he's on the way back to health. If you have a minute, say a little prayer for him, will you? He's a little guy and needs all the strength he can get.  Thanks.

My buddy, Hef.

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